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We want to preserve landscapes as they are today utilizing technology so future generations will have the opportunity to experience all of the joy and wonderment that we have now when it comes to the great outdoors.

The threat of climate change, global warming and ecological disasters aim to completely change our landscapes over the next decades; we can't afford to wait.

Top threats to the climate

Warmer temperatures and drought can increase the frequency and severity of wildfires, which can destroy large areas of forests and other ecosystems.

As the Earth’s temperatures rise, the polar ice caps are melting, causing sea levels to rise. This can lead to coastal flooding and erosion, which can destroy ecosystems and habitats.

Climate change can lead to more frequent and severe droughts, which can cause vegetation to die off and lead to desertification.

Climate change can lead to more frequent and severe extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and heatwaves. These events can cause widespread damage to landscapes and ecosystems.

 As the climate changes, many species are struggling to adapt, and some are dying off. This loss of biodiversity can have cascading effects on ecosystems and the services they provide, such as pollination and pest control.

Leveraging Technolgoy to help.

High-resolution photography can be a powerful tool in raising awareness and appreciation for natural landscapes, leading to increased efforts towards their conservation and preservation.

By capturing these landscapes in large resolutions, every detail and aspect of the scene can be captured in stunning clarity and vividness, allowing viewers to truly appreciate the beauty and complexity of these natural environments.

Utilizing camera’s that are capable of generating 8k+ resolution content allows us to capture incredible detail of each landscape we photograph. These images are then used to preserve and record information based

Capturing beautiful 50k resolution images is only possible through the use of our 3-axis nodal head (pan, tilt, zoom) that captures a stunning array of imagery that’s then compiled in post-production to generate a large scale panoramic shot. 

To process these giant panoramic shots out in the field we use the Dell Precision 7770 in tandem with the NVIDIA RTX A5500 GPU that allows us to generate imagery both quickly and efficiently. Using this technology makes the preservation process that much simpler to do.  

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