helping the fight against climate change

How YOU can help save landscapes

a camera & computer are powerful tools.

Part No. 01

Identify a landscape in jeopardy

There are literally hundreds of thousands of landscapes that are currently under threat of disappearing around the world. Identify one near you and travel to that location. 

Part No. 02

Camera setup

Whether you’re a professional photographer or just starting to learn, you don’t need anything more than a camera and a tripod to capture a landscape to document it. Using wide-angle lenses such as a 16-35mm or 12-24mm will yield stunning results for your landscape capture. 

Part No. 03

Process on your computer

If you’re creating a panoramic landscape shot you can use a variety of tools on your desktop/laptop computer that will help enhance the details in your shot and really allow it to stand out. Adobe lightroom is a great tool to use to perform this action.

Part No. 04

Upload Here

Once you’ve captured the landscape you want to preserve, you can share your image and data with us to store in our local database. Once it’s been processed into our system we’ll upload it to the gallery and you’ll have done your part in preserving our landscapes! 

How Dell & NVIDIA support our mission

Climate change poses an existential threat to natural landscapes and ecosystems, with rising temperatures, changing weather patterns, and other impacts leading to widespread habitat loss, species extinction, and other ecological damage. By utilizing high-resolution photography to capture landscapes in large resolutions, conservationists can document these changes and monitor their effects on natural environments. With the advanced processing power of the Dell Precision 7770 laptop and NVIDIA RTX A5500 GPU, these images can be analyzed and processed quickly and efficiently, enabling conservationists to develop targeted strategies for mitigating the impacts of climate change on these vital ecosystems.

In addition to monitoring the impacts of climate change, high-resolution photography can also play a key role in advocating for more aggressive climate action. By capturing the beauty and complexity of natural landscapes in stunning detail, these images can inspire people to take action towards mitigating the impacts of climate change and preserving these vital ecosystems for future generations. With the advanced graphics capabilities of the NVIDIA RTX A5500, these images can be rendered in unprecedented detail and visual fidelity, allowing viewers to truly appreciate the beauty and value of these natural landscapes.

Finally, high-resolution photography can serve as a powerful tool for developing innovative solutions to mitigate the impacts of climate change on natural environments. By capturing detailed images of landscapes and ecosystems, researchers can analyze and model the complex interactions between natural systems and climate change, informing the development of new technologies and strategies for reducing carbon emissions, protecting ecosystems, and promoting sustainability. With the Dell Precision 7770 laptop’s advanced processing power and NVIDIA RTX A5500’s graphics capabilities, researchers can quickly and efficiently analyze and process these images, enabling the development of cutting-edge solutions to the pressing environmental challenges of our time.

Director of photography, Andrew Geraci, uses his Dell Precision 7770 to quickly stitch together a 50,000 x 20,000 resolution panoramic image inside of Adobe Lightroom out in the field, around 50 miles from the nearest civilization.
1 of 25 high-resolution mapping frames that compiles the entire 50k resolution images. Taken at Arch's National Park in Moab, Utah, December 2022.

We would also like to thank for their support and bandwidth contribution to our website. Without their servers, we wouldn’t be able to provide the performance needed to drive this site and bring awareness to the world. 

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